2018 Bridge Engineering Teacher Workshop



The two-day workshop will introduce participants to a four-week bridge-related learning module that has been used in elementary schools in Iowa. Some of the one-hour lesson plans include:

  • What is an Engineer?
  • Identifying a problem and solution
  • What’s the strongest shape?
  • Types and magnitudes of forces
  • Famous bridges
  • K’nexTM bridge building
  • Engineering of balsa wood bridges
  • Reflection on engineering and the engineering process

Participants will be provided with the materials necessary to implement the learning modules into their elementary classrooms.


  • Where:  Florida International University’s Engineering Campus (10555 W. Flagler St., Miami, FL 33174)
  • When:  June 11-12
  • Time:  8:30am to 3:30pm
  • Breakfast and lunch provided & Stipend of $100/day