2021 Virtual Accelerated Bridge Construction Conference

If you missed the 2021 Virtual Accelerated Bridge Construction Conference: With Emphasis on International Experiences Dec 8-10, 2021, you still have the opportunity to watch select conference presentations and workshops for a one time fee of $95.00 by clicking the link below. This includes select Conference presentations and full Workshops videos. The presentations and videos will be provided through a sharable link (not available for download). No conference PDH hours will be issued for post conference videos.

No conference PDH hours will be issued for post conference videos.

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  • Access conference presentations and workshops for a one time fee of $95.00 by clicking here This includes select Conference and Workshops videos, that will be provided through a sharable link (not available for download). No conference PDH hours will be issued for post conference videos.
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2021 International ABC Conference Awards Recipients

The 2021 International Accelerated Bridge Construction Conference gave awards to recognize the best ABC projects and the most influential person contributing to the cause and implementation of ABC. See the award winners below.

Most Influential International ABC Person of the Year Outside U.S: Liang Zhou, Shanghai Urban Construction Design & Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. China, Chief Engineer

Mr. Liang Zhou graduated from Tongji University in 1983 and started to working in Shanghai Urban Construction Design & Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd till now. In the 38 years of his esteemed career, Mr. Zhou has pioneered large span bridge design and the ABC method for viaduct construction in China, and now is regarded as one of the most prestigious bridge engineers in China. His ABC viaduct achievement includes the Humin Viaduct (1.88 miles of elevated expressway with streamline cross section), Jiamin Viaduct (5 miles of fully prefabricated bridge), Xiangfu Expressway (5.4 miles of composite bridges) and Shaoxing Urban Expressway Network (28 miles of elevated full prefabricated bridges with 3.88 billion USD investment). Due to his significant contributions to Chinese bridge development, Mr. Zhou has won numerous awards, such as the 2008 Outstanding Structure Award (Shanghai Lupu Bridge) by IABSE. Mr. Zhou is also quite active in research and development; and is the chief editor of the Chinese National Code for Design of Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges.

Bridge System

Project Jiamin Viaduct, Shanghai
Features – 2.2 miles of elevated expressway

– around 330 precast columns, 160 precast pier caps, 2500 precast box girders

Owner Shanghai Chengtou Highway Investment (Group) Co., Ltd.
Designer Shanghai Urban Construction Design & Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd.
Contractor Shanghai Construction No.4 (Group) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Road & Bridge (Group) Co., Ltd.


Project Xiangfu Expressway, Changsha
Features – 5.4 miles long

– biggest bridge project adopting composite bridges

Owner Changsha Chengtou Infrastructure Construction Project Management Co., Ltd.
Designer Shanghai Urban Construction Design & Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd.
Contractor Shanghai Urban Construction Municipal Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd.
China Railway Major Bridge Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd.


Project Urban Express Network, Shaoxing
Features – 28 miles in total with 3.88 billion USD investment

– built in 2 years

– first urban expressway network with full prefabricated bridges

Owner Shaoxing City Investment (Group) Co., Ltd.
Designer Shanghai Urban Construction Design & Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd.
Contractor China Raiway 22nd Bureau (Group) Co., Ltd.
China Raiway 1st Bureau (Group) Co., Ltd.
China Raiway 4th Bureau (Group) Co., Ltd.
China Construction 8th Engineering Division Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Urban Construction Municipal Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd.
China Energy Engineering Co., Ltd.
















Most Influential International ABC Person of the Year Outside U.S: Alessandro Palermo

Prof. Palermo’s research areas of interest are mainly focused on structural bridge engineering. His expertise is particularly focused on implementation of seismic low-damage technologies for precast concrete bridges and buildings; He worked closely with practitioners and implemented his resilient technologies combined with accelerated bridge construction. His research also covers monitoring and seismic assessment of existing bridges to the use of novel materials such glass reinforcing and ultra-high performance concrete. Within the recent earthquakes he has been heavily involved in reconnaissance of the 2011 Canterbury and 2016 Kaikoura bridges. Prof. Palermo is author of more than 400 international conference/journal papers (110 Journals) and 3 patents. He was one of the top 2% most cited researchers in SCOPUS in 2020. He is the fib New Zealand Head Delegate and the President of Concrete NZ Learned Society which counts over 400 members.

He has been awarded several national and international awards including the 2020 ASCE Alfred Noble Prize for a co-authored technical paper, the 2021 IABSE best technical paper and more recently the  2021 “Most Influential International Accelerated Bridge Construction Person of the Year Outside U.S.” in Academia at the 2021 Accelerated Bridge Construction Conference in Miami.

Prof. Palermo is a very passionate teacher. He received 5 awards from the University of Canterbury student Association, being voted by the students Best Lecturer of the Year at the University of Canterbury (more than 850 academic staff) in 2016 and 2019. In 2019 he has been the only lecturer of engineering being recipient of the University of Canterbury Teaching Award. In 2021 he was one of the three finalist at the Engineering NZ awards in the category education.


Most Innovative ABC Bridge System Developed Outside U.S: InQuik Bridge System

website:  www.inquik.com.au

Logan Mullaney (photographed above) was appointed Managing Director of InQuik Pty Ltd after 10 years in the residential and modular construction industry. He leads a team of over 50 staff on manufacturing, sales, marketing and delivery of the InQuik Bridging system. Logan is a co-inventor on elements of the bridge system, has a broad knowledge on patents, and has been intimately involved since the system was invented.

Logan began his career as a carpenter and licensed builder, completing his apprenticeship and founding his own residential construction company at the age of 21. As well as building conventional homes across NSW, Logan became involved in modular construction projects including building containerized modular units in China 10 years ago.

Having been involved in building over 150 bridges all over Australia in the last few years, with a depth of knowledge in bridge construction and engineering, Logan is always on his toes and usually out on site building bridges, which is what he loves most.

Project Details:
  • Owner: InQuik Bridging Systems
  • Designer: Vic Vigneswaran and Vishnu Balakrishnan (SMEC), Bruce Mullaney and Jim Howell (InQuik)
  • Contractor: N/A
  • Contributor: Logan Mullaney and Ben Mullaney

Recipient of 2021 Accelerated Bridge Construction Award for the Best International ABC Projects Constructed Outside U.S: Gernot Komar


Gernot Komar is the CEO of SUN Engineering & Technology International (SETI, Inc.). He has over 25 years of experience in all phases of design, analysis, management, erection, and inspection of segmental bridges and complex structures. His experience has involved major bridge projects all over the world, requiring in-depth knowledge and understanding of international design codes.

Gernot graduated from the Technical University of Graz, Austria as a Diplom-Ingenieur and received a master’s degree in civil engineering and economics. Gernot started his engineering career with the development and application of the RM-Bridge program in Austria. In 2003 he moved with his family to San Diego.

In 2018 Gernot got the opportunity to start SETI, Inc. and as a “starter” project he worked on the 4th Ring Transportation Corridor in Zhengzhou, with 50,000 segments the largest precast segmental bridge project in the world.


2021 Exhibitors

Thanks to the following exhibitors that supported the 2021 International Accelerated Bridge Construction, by exhibiting at the conference. We invite you to learn more about our exhibitors by clicking on the links below.



Structural Technologies

Modified Concrete Suppliers, LLC



McDonough Marine Services


2021 Sponsorship

Thanks to the following sponsor that supported the 2021 International Accelerated Bridge Construction Conference. We invite you to learn more about our sponsor by clicking on the link below.


Kwik Bond Polymers


State Departments of Transportation and non-profit and bridge-related organizations and agencies will be co-sponsoring the 2021 Virtual ABC Conference. Following is the current list of Conference Co-Sponsors:

  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
  • Transportation Research Board (TRB)
  • Alabama Dept. of Transportation
  • Alaska DOT&PF
  • Arizona Dept. of Transportation
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  • Colorado Dept. of Transportation
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  • Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation
  • Tennessee Dept. of Transportation
  • Texas Dept. of Transportation
  • Utah Dept. of Transportation
  • Vermont Agency of Transportation
  • Washington State DOT
  • West Virginia Dept. of Transportation
  • Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation
  • Wyoming Dept. of Transportation

International Co-Sponsors




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