2021 Virtual Accelerated Bridge Construction Conference:
With Emphasis on International Experiences
Dec 8-10, 2021

2022 International ABC Conference
Dec 7-9, 2022
Miami, Florida

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Florida International University
10555 W. Flagler Street, EC 3680
Miami, FL 33174

Mrs. Mina Saremi
Sr. ABC-UTC Conference Coordinator
Phone: (954) 895-7728

Rachel Jenkins
Sr. ABC-UTC Program Coordinator
Phone: (305)348-0074

Carlton Ng
Sr. Program Coordinator
Phone: (305)348-6878

Dr. Islam Mantawy
Research Assistant Professor
Phone: (305)-348-0110


Sponsored and Organized by

Accelerated Bridge Construction University Transportation Center (ABC-UTC)

Florida International University
Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

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