2018 Bridge Engineering Teacher Workshop

This page contains a summary of the activities from the 2018 Bridge Engineering Teacher Workshop. All the resources from the workshop can be found here. For more information on the workshop or ABC-UTC Workforce Development activities, please contact David Garber.


Thank you to all the participants, sponsors, and helpers who made this event possible!

Photographs from the Workshop

2018 Workshop Photos

Summary of Workshop Activities

The workshop started with an introduction to camp activities and distribution of resource boxes given to participants. The resource boxes included K’nex Education Intro to Structures Bridges sets, balsa wood kits, and books for use in their classrooms or libraries.

The camp continued with an introduction to ABC by Atorod Azizinamini (Director of the ABC-UTC), engineering by Brent Phares (ISU), and the lesson plan materials by Lori Tollefson (West Marshall Elementary).

During the two days of the camp, participants were led through the different activities for the engineering modules.

Backscratcher Activity

The first hands-on activity was to build a backscratcher out of recycled materials (e.g. paper towel rolls, packing materials, cardboard, etc.) and masking tape. Each team described their backscratcher and the improvements they could make.

K’nex Bridge Building Activity

Participants all took out their K’nex kits and chose one of the 13 different bridge models to construct.

Recycled Materials Bridge Activity

Participants went back to the recycled materials and made different types of bridges.

Balsa Wood Bridge Activity

All the participants then worked together to build a 3-foot long balsa wood bridge. The balsa wood bridge was loaded with a toy car with 1-lb load and then over 10 pounds of steel plates.

Remaining Activities

Each of the groups was given one of the remaining lesson plan activities to work through themselves and then present to the rest of the participants.

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