Links to Conference Papers

19-001: WSDOT Ferry Terminal at Colman Dock Pedestrian Bridge Utilizing Innovative Materials for Accelerated Bridge Erection

19-002: I-15 Garnet Interchange; Nevada’s First Full Depth Precast Deck Panels & Two Span Precast Voided Slab Bridges

19-003: Replacement of the MBTA Franklin Line over East Street, Westwood, MA

19-004: Innovative Design and Materials for Seismic Resilient Accelerated Bridge Construction

19-005: An Alternative Precast Pier system for Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) in Seismic Regions

19-006: Accelerated Construction and CMGC Delivery for the San Diego Genesee Viaduct

19-007:ABC Design of Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) Decked I-Beam in Ontario,Canada

19-008: Performance Evaluation of UHPC Field Cast Connections of Hooper Road Bridge Projec

19-009: UHPC Joint Fill Construction Problems and Solutions on the Pulaski Skyway

19-010: The Use of Pocket Guides and Smart Phone Apps for Bridge Preservation Construction Projects

19-011: Training Construction Inspectors in Accelerated Bridge Construction Techniques

19-0012: Eliminating the Need for Formwork by Using UHPC Shell

19-013: Accelerated Bridge Construction and the Interactions with Contractors

19-014: Epoxy Asphalt Chip Seal Used for Accelerated Deck Replacement on the MacDonald Bridge

19-015: Resiliency Enhancement of Aging Frame Bridge Using Accelerated Bridge Construction as an Effective Climate Change Adaptation Approach

 19-016: Field-Cast Connections for ABC: From Research to Best Practices

19-017: Performance Comparison of In-Service, Full-Depth Precast Concrete Deck Panels to Cast-in-Place Decks

19-018: Corrosion Durability of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Repaired with Application of UHPC

19-019: Accelerated Superstructure Replacement for the Hoboken Viaduct

19-020: Accelerated Construction of Unbraced Network Arch Bridge Using SPMTs

19-021: UHPC Overlay at Multiple Bridge Interchange in Elsmere, DE

19-022: Bothasfontein Interchange Bridge, South Africa – an ABC Composite Steel/Concrete 4-Span Bridge erected in Two Consecutive Weekends over 25 years ago

 19-023: Behavior of UHPC Columns Subjected to Combined Axial and Lateral Loading

19-024: Assessment of the Seismic Performance of an ABC Steel Girder Bridge through Shake Table Studies

19-025: A Framework to Quantify the Cumulative Damage Due to Induced Seismicity

19-026: Rapid Repair of Earthquake Damaged Substandard Bridge Columns Targeting Future Service Level Performance

19-027: Superstructure Replacement of Route 676 Bridges over North Branch of Newton Creek Utilizing Accelerated Bridge Construction

19-028: Superstructure Replacement of Winthrop Road Underpass in 45 Days utilizing Precast Concrete and UHPC

19-029: Innovative Partnership Leads to First Use of PBU’s and UHPC by the NHDOT

19-030: MnDOT use of Bridge Move Techniques and Precast Deck with UHPC

19-031: Productivity Analysis in ABC

 19-032: A Statistical Summary of Accelerated Bridge Construction Practice in Federal and State Transportation Agencies

 19-033: Precast Segmental Bridge Construction as an ABC Tool

19-034: Next Generation of Folded Steel Plate Girder Systems for Short Span Bridges

19-035: Acrow Temporary Lift Bridge on the Sr 80 Bridge Replacement Project in West Palm Beach, Florida

19-036: Innovative Bridge Designs that Accelerate Construction using Precast Concrete

19-037: Mass Production and Assembly Line Concepts in ABDF&C

19-038: Quick-installation expansion joint solutions for faster bridge construction and more efficient maintenance

19-039: System Performance of a Precast Bridge Incorporating Full-Depth Deck Panels and Prestressed Inverted Bulb-Tee Girders

19-040: Fostering Post-Tensioned Timber-UHPFRC Composite Highway Bridges

19-041: Non-Prestressed and Sustainable Precast Bridge Girders using Ultra-High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (UHP-FRC)

19-042: Research and Development Efforts Aimed at the Commercial Production of a Shallow Press-Brake Formed Steel Tub Girder

19-043: Is ABC a Good Fit?  Development of the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Accelerated Bridge Construction Evaluation Method

19-044: FDOT Experience with PBES for Small-Medium Span Bridges

19-0045: Everyday ABC in Texas

19-046: Accelerated Construction OF I-40 Meteor City TI OP

19-047: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commision – EB117 ABC Bridge Replacement

19-048: Route 46 over Piaget Avenue (CR 628) Bridge Superstructure Replacement in Two Weekends

19-049: UHPC Based ABC Solutions

19-050: Advancing Ultra-High Performance Concrete in the Bridge Sector

19-051: Trending ABC Designs Utilizing UHPC

19-052: Accelerated and Resilient Repair of Bridge Columns

19-053: Using Existing and New Innovative Methods to Accelerate Rehabilitation of Four I-89 Bridges

19-054: Utilizing ABC Techniques for an Emergency Bridge Repair on the Garden State Parkway

19-055: The Causeway Bridge Construction, Past & Present

ABC 19-056: An Integrated Erecting Technique for Total Prefabricated Bridge Elements

ABC 19-057: Replacement of Two Integral Abutment Bridges by Rapid Demolition and Lateral Slide Construction Methodology

ABC 19-058: Isolated Bridge Abutments for Accelerated Bridge Construction

ABC 19-059: Post-Earthquake Functionality of ABC Bridges with Column Connections with Self-Centering Capability

ABC 19-060: Rapid Bridge Deck Restoration with “Fast Track” Hydro demolition and Very Early Strength Latex Modified Concrete

ABC 19-061: TDOT I-240 MemFix4 – CMGC – Memphis, TN


ABC 19-063: Tennessee DOT Fast 4 Bridge Replacement Project

ABC 19-064: ABC Replacement of CSX Bridge over the Cahaba River

ABC 19-065: Temporary Bridge Installation for Replacement of the Palisades Interstate Parkway Helix Ramp, Ft. Lee, Nj

ABC 19-066: Rapid Replacement of Two Washington Dot Stream Crossing Bridges Using Prefabricated Arch Bridge Systems

ABC 19-067: Interface Shear Behavior of UHPC with and Without Supplemental Reinforcement

ABC 19-068: Field-Cast Connection Performance: Solutions to Shrinkage And Interface Bond Issues

ABC 19-069: End Zone Design & Behavior of Prestressed Concrete UHPC Girders

ABC 19-070: Remote Monitoring and Innovative Techniques for the Construction of the Norfolk Southern Bridge over Cotton Run, Seven Mile, OH

ABC 19-071: Case Study of Bridge Deck Replacement
Strategies for Post-tensioned Concrete Box-girder Bridges

ABC 19-072: Washington Street (Route 85) over the Assabet River Bridge Replacement in Hudson, MA

ABC 19-073: Lightweight Design of Precast Bent Caps in Municipal Engineering

ABC 19-074: Finite Element Model for A Novel Demountable Shear Connector for Precast Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges

ABC 19-075: Innovative Matagrup Bridge Installation, Australia

ABC 19-076: Comparative Study of Segmental Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer and Segmental Concrete Cable Stayed Bridge

ABC 19-077: Use of Robotics for Constructing UHPC Shells Formwork

ABC 19-078: Evaluation of Aging Slab-on-Girder Bridge Resiliency after an Extreme Climate Event Using Accelerated Bridge Construction

ABC 19-079: ABC solution to bridge in Woodstock Vermont

ABC 19-080: IDOT Accelerated Bridge Construction Pilot Project- Illinois Route 115 over Gar Creek in Kankakee County

ABC 19-081: Rapid Replacement of Bayou Sara Bridge Swing Span

ABC 19-082: Accelerated Bridge Construction and Design of the Camp Creek – Single Span PPCB Bridge and Old Man’s Creek – 3 Span Continuous Rolled Steel Bridge on IA 1

ABC 19-083: Weekend Replacement – Routes 1/9 & 46 over Jones Road

ABC 19-084: Rapid Reconstruction of BNSF Br. 482.1 West Approach

ABC 19-085: Application of Accelerated Bridge Construction Strategies and Innovative Structural Systems to High-Speed Rail

ABC 19-086: ABC Techniques to Minimize Train Disruption: BNSF Railway Bridge 380.12 over I-235, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

ABC 19-087: Research and Engineering Practice of Concrete Filled Steel Arch and Truss In China

ABC 19-088: Construction Sequencing for Separating Highway-Rail Grade Crossings with Minimal Interruption to the Railroad

ABC 19-089: Modeling UHPC Link Slabs for the Wilmington Viaduct Bridge Rehabilitation Project  

ABC 19-090: Enhancement of Ultra High-Performance Concrete Material Properties with Carbon Nanofiber

ABC 19-091: Correlation Between Tensile Strength & Modulus of Rupture for Ultra High Performance Concrete

ABC 19-092: Experimental Study On Flexural Behaviors of Steel-UHPC Waffle Plate Composite Beam

ABC 19-093: Rib Scale Approach to Investigate the Bond Performance Of Reinforcement In Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete

ABC 19-094: Guideline for Selection of Substructure Projects

ABC 19-095: Design First Florida I Beam Bridge with Grs Abutment

ABC 19-096: Environmental and Sustainability Benefits of Substructure Re-Use Projects

ABC 19-097: Spun Pipe Piles – A Time Saving Alternative to Micropiles

ABC 19-098: Enhanced Demolition Prediction via Computer Simulation 

ABC 19-099: Rapid Replacement of County Bridges Utilizing H.S. Corrosion Resistant Steel

ABC 19-0100: Replacing an Interstate Bridge Deck within a Weekend Closure – Case Study of AccelBridge Deck System

ABC 19-101:   Mechanical Reinforcing Steel Connections for Improved Constructability in Accelerated Bridge Construction

ABC 19-102: Development of a Low-Logistics, Rapidly Deployable Hybrid Composite-Concrete Bridge Girder System

ABC 19-103: Lightweight Modular Accelerated Bridge System for Managed Car Lanes

ABC 19-104: Increase Service Life of Concrete Structures with Lightweight Aggregate

ABC 19-105: Exploring Polymer Concrete for Bridge Deck Closures in ABC

ABC 19-106:  Rapid Set Concrete Bridge Deck Overlays 

ABC 19-107: Durability of GFRP Bars in Bridges with 15 to 20 Years in Service

ABC 19-108: Practical Guidance for Designing Lightweight Concrete Bridges – The FHWA Lightweight Concrete Design Primer