Category: Monthly Webinar ABC Short-Span Low-Volume Bridge Types & Lessons Learned – Part 2: Composite

August 21, 2012 1:00 pm

by John Busel, Director, Composites Growth Initiative, ACMA.

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Across the country, the use of accelerated bridge construction (ABC) has proven beneficial for bridge types that range from short to long span, while maintaining traffic flows that range from low to high volume. These projects have provided many lessons learned. This presentation is the second in a series of three industry presentations on lessons learned from accelerated short-span low-volume bridge construction. It discusses solutions that can meet the need to replace single and multi-span bridges with total bridge lengths in the 20 ft to 140 ft range, and to replace these bridges in a prefabricated and accelerated manner. It describes details on various composite ABC projects and focuses on ways to further improve the accelerated construction of composite bridges.