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April 29, 2016 1:00 pm

In this graduate student seminar Jawad Gull, Ph.D., presents research to develop an enhanced ABC projects database, and Ramin Taghinezhad, Ph.D. candidate, presents research to extend the application of simple-for-dead-load-and-continuous-for-live-load (SDCL) steel bridge systems to ABC applications in seismic regions. Both research projects were conducted at Florida International University.

Seminar Documents

Featured Presentation #1: ABC Project Database
by Jawad Gull, Ph.D., FIU Graduate and former FIU Research Associate (Graduated April 2014); Bridge Designer, HDR Inc., Miami Lakes

Description: State and local bridge owners across the country have been requesting ready access to examples of completed ABC projects, including design and construction details and lessons learned to help them build successful ABC projects. FHWA began work to address this need with its National ABC Project Exchange. This database was transferred to FIU and upgraded in the ABC-UTC research project, “Compilation of ABC Solutions,” to provide a more user friendly projects database with enhanced functionality. This presentation discusses the structure and user interface of the online database. These interfaces allow users to easily search, view, and submit completed ABC projects.

Featured Presentation #2: Extending Application of SDCL Steel Bridge System to ABC Applications in Seismic Regions
by Ramin Taghinezhad, Ph.D. Candidate and FIU Research Assistant (Ph.D., Summer 2016)

Description: The “Simple for Dead load and Continuous for Live load” (SDCL) steel bridge system has gained popularity in non-seismic areas of the country due to its many advantages including enhanced service life and lower inspection and maintenance costs compared to conventional steel systems. The main objective of the ABC-UTC research project is to extend the application of the SDCL steel bridge system to high seismic areas since no research to date has focused on this application. The project is Phase I of an envisioned effort that will culminate in the development of a set of details and associated design provisions to develop a version of the SDCL steel bridge system that is suitable for high seismic applications. This presentation discusses the deliverables from the Phase 1 project.

Presentation Graphics:

Presentation #1

April 2016_1-1_Interactive map of the ABC projects

Figure 1-1. Interactive map of the ABC projects

April 2016_1-2_ABC project database search interface

Figure 1-2. ABC project database search interface

April 2016_1-3_Procedure to enter new projects into ABC database

Figure 1-3. Procedure to enter new projects into ABC database

Presentation #2

April 2016_2-1_Finite element model for push-up push-down and inverse loading

Figure 2-1. Finite element model for push-up, push-down and inverse loading

April 2016_2-2_Effect of dowel bars in the moment capacity under inverse loading

Figure 2-2. Effect of dowel bars in the moment capacity under inverse loading