Category: Monthly Webinar Accelerated Bridge Construction Risk, A Contractor’s Perspective

March 17, 2016 1:00 pm

by Raymond Paul Giroux, Senior Engineer, Kiewit Bridge and Marine; Walter Eggers, P.E., Technical Director, Kiewit Infrastructure Engineers; and Tom Mousel, P.E., Structural Engineer, Kiewit Infrastructure Engineers

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Description: Accelerated Bridge Construction has increased in popularity in the past decade. However, with ABC often comes a varied set of risks compared to conventional bridge delivery methods. Infrastructure construction giant Kiewit will share some of the most essential elements of ABC risk identification in this webinar.

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ABC techniques rely on specialized means and methods such as the use of SPMTs. Implementation of SPMTs and other specialized equipment allow for innovation, but also carry risks that must be understood and managed.

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Each load case for the bridge must be understood for each step of the ABC process.

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Understanding the load capacities of existing structures is essential to safe ABC techniques.

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New York’s Willis Avenue Bridge swing span float-in.