Category: Monthly Webinar Alabama’s Bridge Slide on Ross Clark Circle over an Existing Culvert

July 14, 2016 1:00 pm

by Paul Froede, P.E., Miscellaneous Structures and Bridge Design Section Supervisor, Alabama DOT

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Description: Although bridge replacements using sliding/rolling are becoming more common, this particular project called for building a new bridge to be rolled over an existing culvert. Building abutments under traffic, with 40,000+ ADT to be specific, and maintaining steady traffic flow was the biggest challenge. This presentation will cover how the Alabama DOT planned the Dothan Bridge slide and how the contractor executed the plan to perfection. Of the seven days of road closure allowed, the contractor used only three days for the first roll and two days for the second.

July 2016_Photo 1_First box in ground
First box in ground

July 2016_Photo 2_Cap construction under traffic
Cap construction under traffic

July 2016_Photo 3_Two completed caps built under traffic
Two completed caps built under traffic

July 2016_Photo 4_Clearing fill spreading stone and prepping for slide
Clearing fill, spreading stone, and prepping for slide