Category: Monthly Webinar Building Bridges at the Speed of Segmental

January 18, 2024 1:00 pm

Building Bridges at the Speed of Segmental

Matthew Adams, P.E., Senior Lead Bridge Engineer, Corven Engineering an H&H Company

Webinar Documents:
IBT-ABC Building Bridges at the Speed of Segmental - PDF of presentation slides
January 2024 News Slides - PDF of news slides
January Webinar - Questions and Answers - PDF of Questions and Answers


The webinar will focus on segmental bridge construction methods and techniques that support accelerated bridge construction schedules.  Topics covered will include segment pre-casting methods and operations, storage, handling, and transport as well as segmental erection methods, procedures and equipment options and design details optimized to meet project objectives for an expedited schedule.   The presentation will review specific project examples and discuss production rates, the factors that influence those rates, and how these examples could be applied to other projects.  Lessons learned from prior experience regarding what activities can impact your schedule and how they might be avoided will also be discussed.


Matthew Adams, P.E.
Senior Lead Bridge Engineer
Corven Engineering an H&H Company

Matthew Adams, PE is a Senior Lead Bridge Engineer with Corven Engineering, an H&H Company.  Matt has over 20 years’ experience in the design of complex, concrete segmental and post-tensioned bridges specializing in construction engineering. He has performed as the Project Manager / Project Engineer on both precast and cast-in-place segmental concrete bridges, horizontally curved steel box girders bridges, conventional structures, and temporary works and inspection for construction throughout the country, as well as overseas.

Presentation Photos/Graphics:
1) Precast Segment Storage in Casting Yard

2) Full Span Erected on Falsework Towers

3) Self-Launching Underslung Truss for Segment Erection

4) Complete Cross-Section Assembly using Parallel Girders