Category: Monthly Webinar Detailing of ABC Bridges for Simplicity and Durability

January 22, 2015 1:00 pm

by Michael P. Culmo P.E., Vice President of Transportation and Structures, CME Associates, Inc., East Hartford, CT.

Webinar Documents

Description: A prefabricated ABC bridge can be designed using emulative details (details that emulate cast-in-place concrete). Using emulative details can, however, lead to complex prefabricated elements that are difficult to fabricate and assemble. The presentation will focus on designing of prefabricated bridges using simplified details that are easier to fabricate and assemble, while providing durability. This approach can lead to lower construction costs, reduced potential for problems during construction, and lower life cycle costs. Topics will include piers, integral abutments, semi-integral abutments, stub abutments, pile caps, and link slabs.

Precast Wall
Demonstrates a simple and effective way to connect a precast wall or column to a pile cap by temporarily supporting the column and projecting the wall reinforcing into the footing pour

corrugate metal pipe section
Shows the use of corrugate metal pipe sections in precast integral abutment stems to easily connect the cap to the piles