Category: Graduate Student Seminar Estimating the Total Cost of Accelerated Bridge Construction

January 27, 2017 1:00 pm

In this graduate student seminar Mohamed Ibrahim, Ph.D., presents research on estimating the construction cost associated with ABC, and Jianmin Jia, Ph.D. candidate, presents research on estimating and implementing road user costs in ABC selection decisions. This work is under the ABC-UTC research projects entitled Estimating Total Cost of Bridge Construction using ABC and Conventional Methods of Construction - Phase I and Phase 2 conducted at Florida International University in Miami.

Seminar Documents

Presentation #1: Estimating the Construction Cost Associated with Accelerated Bridge Construction

Mohamed Ibrahim, Ph.D.
FIU Graduate and former ABC-UTC Research Assistant (Ph.D., August 2016)
Managing Director, Equicorp Advisors, Cairo, Egypt

Description: This research project utilizes conceptual estimating to approximate a project’s construction costs during the early planning phase in terms of $/sq.ft. Information from historical ABC projects was used to develop a cost estimation model based on the most influential project characteristics. In addition, statistical analysis was used to compare the difference in construction costs between ABC and conventional construction methods according to different types of bridges and work performed. Accuracy of these models was demonstrated through use of historical ABC projects’ cost data.

Featured Presentation #2: Estimating and Implementing Road User Costs in ABC Selection Decisions

Jianmin Jia, Ph. D. Candidate
FIU Graduate Assistant (Ph.D., May 2017)
Lehman Center for Transportation Research

Description: Total project costs have not typically been evaluated for ABC versus conventional projects constructed to date. In this research project, road user costs were analyzed in terms of mobility, safety, emissions, and vehicle operating cost through various analysis tools. Construction costs were estimated based on a regression model considering bridge characteristics. A case study of a Florida bridge project compared construction and user costs of ABC to conventional construction. Results demonstrate the benefits of using total costs that incorporate both construction and user cost in decision making.

Presentation Graphics:

Presentation #1

Presentation 1, Figure 1. C&RT decision tree analysis highlighting the most important bridge characteristics that impact the final construction cost

Presentation 1, Figure 2. The different elements of the construction cost estimating tool showing the different inputs needed to estimate a cost/sq.ft. for ABC bridges

Presentation #2

Presentation 2, Figure 1. Comparison of traffic analysis tools

Presentation 2, Figure 2. Multi-resolution modeling

Presentation 2, Figure 3. Case study using user costs in ABC selection decisions