Category: Monthly Webinar FDOT Main Street Bridge over Hogan’s Creek Emergency Replacement Using ABC

January 10, 2019 1:00 pm

Sam Fallaha, P.E., Assistant State Structures Design Engineer, Florida Department of Transportation; Robert Woodruff, P.E., Design Project Manager, Wantman Group, Inc.; and Hal L. Jones III, Design-Build Project Manager, Hal Jones Contractor

Webinar Documents: 
FDOT Main Street Bridge over Hogan’s Creek Emergency Replacement Using ABC - pdf of presentation
Q&A Session - pdf
News - January 10, 2019 - pdf of presentation

Description: Florida DOT and its design-build team replaced the Main Street Bridge over Hogan’s Creek in downtown Jacksonville after identifying a crack during routine inspections. An emergency replacement, this complex project was allotted 280 days for design and construction. The bridge was completed in 2017, approximately 30 days sooner using ABC than it would have been using conventional construction. Adding to the construction challenge were the bridge’s historical architectural elements (designed by famed architect Henry Kluthko in the 1920’s), surprising subsurface discoveries, and utilities. The replacement bridge was designed to be durable and rapidly replaced. Its superstructure is made of Prestressed Slab Units. This presentation describes design and construction of the project and illustrates the pros, cons and lessons learned from using ABC techniques for the replacement.

Presentation Photos/Graphics:


1) Completed bridge

2) Cracks identified during routine inspection, triggering the emergency bridge replacement

3) Prestressed slab units used to replace the superstructure; the use of these units accelerated bridge construction by approximately 30 days

4) Architectural and precast elements being prepared for mock-up at off-site location