Category: Monthly Webinar How Contractors Can Help Owners Deliver Better ABC Projects

May 13, 2021 1:00 pm

Bill Duguay, P.E., President, Duguay Consulting Group, LLC; Mark Traynowicz, P.E., State Bridge Engineer, Nebraska Department of Transportation; and Jack Harney, Vice President, D.W. White Construction, Inc.

Webinar Documents:
How Contractors Can Help Owners Deliver Better ABC Projects - pdf of presentation
Slide 19: Status of Research for MASH-approved Prefabricated Concrete Bridge Barrier Rail Systems
Q&A Session - pdf
News - May 13, 2021 - pdf of presentation

Description: A recent national survey of state bridge owners conducted by the ABC-UTC discovered one common concern across regions, owners, and markets: negative feedback from contractors is perceived as their number one issue related to advancing projects with ABC components. Further, the concerns were not over any technical issues presented by ABC technologies. With growing opportunities across the country where ABC solutions can provide real benefits to owners and communities, and an impending highway funding bill from Washington, this webinar looks to address improved communications between stakeholders. In a first of its kind webinar by the ABC-UTC, this panel of nationally recognized experts will explore ways that contractors and owners can work together to deliver better ABC projects. The panel will openly discuss how ABC delivery can be improved on the front end. It will feature live polling and will allow sufficient time to answer questions from participants.




Bill Duguay, P.E.
Duguay Consulting Group, LLC
Phone: 832-221-9754


Mark Traynowicz, P.E.
State Bridge Engineer
Nebraska Department of Transportation
Phone: 402-479-4701


Jack Harney
Vice President
D.W. White Construction, Inc.

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1) Why do some ABC concepts become the norm, yet only in certain markets?

2) Why do some ABC concepts lag on acceptance?

3) Why are some ABC applications a no brainer?

4) What led to agreement to use ABC when considering several options?

5) Where is ABC the only viable option?