Category: Monthly Webinar Incremental (Longitudinal) Launching of Bridges

March 16, 2023 1:00 pm

Chiara Rosignoli, P.E., Senior Structural Engineer, H&H

Webinar Documents:
Incremental (Longitudinal) Launching of Bridges - pdf of presentation
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News - March 16, 2023 - pdf of presentation

Description: The incremental launching construction method was developed in Europe in the 1960s and is now used for construction of prestressed-concrete and steel bridges worldwide. The method involves the process of building a bridge at a single construction location in sections and launching the bridge incrementally as each section is completed. This method combines low labor cost, repetitive operations with a consequent quick learning curve and a small initial investment in equipment that can be utilized several times for different projects. This presentation focuses on what is incremental launching, the fundamental characteristics of the application for concrete and steel bridges, the advantages and limitations of this construction method, and the comparison between incremental launching and other technologies that are more traditionally adopted in the USA. Project examples are included.



Chiara Rosignoli, P.E.
Senior Structural Engineer

Chiara has 14 years of experience in complex bridge design in several states. She has been technical lead on highway projects and assistant project manager on bridge repairs. Experienced in light rail and high-speed rail bridge design, finite element modeling, posttensioned elements, prestressed concrete, segmental, suspension, and cable-stayed bridges. Chiara is Vice Chair of TRB’s Standing Committee on Construction of Bridges and Structures and member of the Standing Committee on Concrete Bridges, and is a board member of IABSE USA and WTS Tampa Bay. She is author and coauthor of numerous publications on incremental launching and vehicle-bridge interaction dynamics. Chiara is also coauthor of the TRB e-circular on Building Information Modeling for Bridges and Structures.


Presentation Photos/Graphics:


1) Incremental launching of a concrete bridge using a temporary pier and concrete launching nose


2) Thrust system


3) Casting of the first segment of a concrete bridge in tight urban environment


4) Incremental launching over a railroad using steel launching nose and temporary pier