Category: Graduate Student Seminar Integral Abutment Details for ABC Projects, Phase II

April 26, 2019 1:00 pm

In this quarterly Research Seminar, Travis Hosteng, Principal Investigator; and Austin DeJong, M.S. Student, present work under the ABC-UTC research project entitled Integral Abutment Details for ABC Projects, Phase II, conducted at Iowa State University. [Note: The Phase I research project was presented in July 2016; see the second presentation in the July 2016 Research Seminar Archives.]

Research Seminar Documents:
Integral Abutment Details for ABC Projects, Phase II - pdf of presentation
Q&A Session - pdf

Description: To advance the use of integral abutments in the realm of ABC, two full-scale connection details were designed, constructed, and tested in the laboratory. The design philosophy of the connection details was to maintain the structural integrity and response under loading of an integral abutment detail fabricated in an accelerated fashion. The strength and durability of the two connection details were evaluated through full-scale laboratory testing via simulated thermal and live loads. Strain gauges were used to capture the development and strength of the specimen, and displacement transducers monitored the propagation and magnitude of precast joint openings between the integral diaphragm and pile cap to evaluate the durability and serviceability of the connection details. The results of these tests were compared to the cast-in-place control specimen tested in Phase I. In addition, a third specimen was constructed and tested, using match funding from an Iowa DOT research project involving the design of an ABC integral abutment connection using UHPC.



Travis Hosteng
Research Engineer
Bridge Engineering Center
Iowa State University


Austin DeJong, M.S. Student
(M.S.E., Spring 2019, ISU)
Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Iowa State University

Presentation Graphics:

Figure 1. Section view through grouted rebar coupler specimen

Figure 2. Laboratory test setup of integral abutment specimen