Category: In Depth Web Training Milton-Madison Bridge Replacement: the Mega-Lateral Slide

November 10, 2015 All Day

The 2015 in-depth web training features the Milton-Madison Bridge lateral slide replacement project. Built in 1929 and with its last major rehabilitation in 1997, the load-posted Milton-Madison needed to be replaced. But as a vital link between Kentucky and Indiana, across the Ohio River, and thousands of feet in length, the solution required more than conventional methods could provide. The result was the longest lateral slide of its kind in North America. The four river spans of the steel truss bridge, totaling 2,430 feet in length with 40 feet in usable deck width and over 15,000-ton self-weight, were slid laterally 55 feet from temporary piers onto permanent refurbished piers in April 2014. Bridge closures were limited to a few weeks over the duration of the project.

Module 1:  Introduction

by Anne M. Rearick, P.E., Director of Bridges, Indiana DOT and Kevin Hetrick, P.E., Indiana Transportation Manager, Clark Dietz, Inc. - Engineers

Module 1 Presentation

  • Indiana/Kentucky ABC Program
  • Overview of Milton-Madison project
  • History of project development
  • Project priorities
  • Decision to use Design-Build
  • Procurement
  • Post-construction inspection and performance

Module 2:  Preliminary Engineering and Owner's Consultant Oversight

by Aaron Stover, P.E., S.E., Project Manager, Michael Baker International

Module 2 Presentation

  • Overall project timeline / schedule
  • Preliminary design approach
  • Preliminary substructure analysis
  • Permits
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Pier testing and inspection
  • Foundation options
  • Scour mitigation measures

Module 3:  Design-Build Bidding, ABC, and Maintenance of Traffic

by Travis Butz, P.E., Senior Bridge Engineer, Burgess & Niple, Inc.

Module 3 Presentation

  • Decision for use of ABC vs. conventional construction
  • Cost implications of ABC vs. conventional
  • Traffic management plan
  • Approaches: temporary and permanent
  • Approach span slide

Module 4:  Pier Rehabilitation Design and Construction

by Travis Butz, P.E., Senior Bridge Engineer, Burgess & Niple, Inc.

Module 4 Presentation

  • Design requirements/criteria
  • Construction staging
  • Analysis methods
  • Design of strengthening and encasement
  • Design of pier caps

Module 5:  Main Spans (Trusses) Design and Construction

by Murray Johnson, P.E., Vice President, Project Director, Buckland & Taylor

Module 5 Presentation

  • ABC considerations for truss permanent design
  • Design considerations for truss lateral slide
  • Design of temporary supports including barge impact protection
  • Truss strand jack lifting
  • Truss lateral slide

Module 6:  Construction

by Charlie Gannon, Project Manager, Walsh Construction

Module 6 Presentation

  • Contractor options
  • Site access / location constraints
  • Construction timeline / schedule
  • Quality control / construction inspection
  • Temporary support installation
  • Substructure rehabilitation
  • Truss span assembly for lifting
  • Truss lifts
  • Lateral slide