Category: Monthly Webinar Modular Decked Steel Folded-Plate Beams for ABC Applications

January 23, 2014 1:00 pm

by Maury Tayarani P.E., Bridge Project Manager, Highway Division, MassDOT.

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Modular decked beam elements are becoming increasingly popular for rapid replacement of bridge superstructures. Enhancing the design efficiency of the cross-section in these modular units can results in additional benefits such as lighter or shallower superstructures. The steel folded-plate girder, with its more efficient cross-section, is an alternative to traditional I-shaped or closed steel box steel beams in modular decked beam elements, as demonstrated in MassDOT’s recent Uxbridge replacement project and its second generation application for an upcoming project in Nebraska. Elimination of the internal or external cross frames, coupled with open bottom side, for easy inspection, makes folded plate beam, an economical system with long service life for short span bridges, with lengths less than 60 ft. This presentation discussed design, fabrication and construction issues related to the use of modular decked steel folded-plate beam, using Uxbridge, in Massachusetts as a case study.