Category: Monthly Webinar PBES for Local Systems – Iowa’s Perspective, Experience, and Research

February 19, 2015 1:00 pm

by Ahmad Abu-Hawash P.E., Chief Structural Engineer, Iowa DOT; Vanessa Goetz P.E., Secondary Road Research Engineer, Iowa DOT; Brent Phares Ph.D., P.E., Researcher, Iowa State University & ABC-UTC.

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Description: The Iowa DOT, in partnership with Iowa State University, has made ABC a practical alternative in their State. The Iowa DOT / ISU partnership extends to counties in Iowa, where significant ABC research has been undertaken. This presentation described various Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems that have been developed or are under development with Iowa local systems specifically in mind. It focused on Iowa’s general perspective on the use of ABC, experience within the State using PBES, and various collaborative research projects that have resulted in multiple implementable tools for local systems engineers.

Concrete Deck
Erection of full-depth concrete deck panels in Boone County

Precast abutment footing
Delivery of precast abutment footing in Madison County

 Precast concrete box girders
Erection of precast concrete box girders in Madison County