Category: Monthly Webinar Precast Substructures, Part 2 – Comparison of Non-seismic and Seismic Connection Details

June 19, 2014 1:00 pm

by M. Lee Marsh Ph.D., P.E., President and Chief Executive Officer, BergerABAM .

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Description: A precast substructure may consist of multiple columns with a cap or a single pier. Precast caps may be installed on precast or cast-in-place columns and foundations. Regardless, superstructure-to-cap, cap-to-column, and column-to-footing connection details must effectively resist applied loads to achieve good long-term performance. This second webinar in our series comparing non-seismic and seismic connection details will recap the key points from the first webinar and then provide a summary of connection types and details that can be used for seismic applications. There are many possible details for achieving seismic resistance, and the presentation groups connections into several categories that have common details and load paths. We will also discuss knowledge gaps that currently exist for such connections, since filling in such knowledge gaps is key to moving precast construction forward in seismic locations. With understanding of the goals of seismic design, selected features of seismic connections may be considered for use in the low or non-seismic areas of the country.

This is the second presentation of a two-part series. To view Part 1, see the May 2014 ABC-UTC Monthly Webinar.