Category: Monthly Webinar Prestressed/Precast Florida-Slab-Beams for Robust Local Bridges and Accelerated Construction

November 16, 2017 1:00 pm

Steve Nolan, P.E., Senior Structures Design Engineer, State Structures Design Office, Florida Department of Transportation

Webinar Documents:
Prestressed/Precast Florida-Slab-Beams for Robust Local Bridges and Accelerated Construction - pdf of presentation
Time lapse video of SR 373 / Orange Ave. Bridge over St. Marks Trail replacement  - YouTube
Q&A Session - pdf
News - November 16, 2017 - pdf of presentation

Description:  The Florida-Slab-Beam (FSB) is a standard for local bridge construction in Florida. This presentation will include (1) an overview of the Florida Department of Transportation’s development of the FSBs, including highlights from the first demonstration project in Tallahassee, Florida using ABC techniques, lessons learned, and subsequent improvements made to the FSB system; (2) FDOT’s development of complete superstructure Standard Plans for efficient incorporation into local bridge projects and broader deployment; (3) ongoing research to incorporate UHPC connections into the FSB system to further accelerate construction and improve robustness of the connections between PBES elements; and (4) discussion of early efforts and future plans to incorporate corrosion-resistant materials into the FSB system with the goal of further improving durability and lengthening the maintenance-free service life. The presentation will include design and construction details as well as lessons learned.

Presentation Photos/Graphics:

1)  Placement of prototype FSB and deck reinforcing for Orange Avenue project (2014)

2) FSB Standard (Index D20450 series) typical section and joint details (2016)

3) Fatigue and strength testing setup for FSB with UHPC joints currently under research development at Marcus H. Ansley Structures Research Center