Category: Monthly Webinar RIDOT’s Glenbridge Avenue Bridge Replacement using Lateral Slide and SPMTs

April 20, 2023 1:00 pm

John W. Preiss, P.E., PMP, State Bridge Engineer, Rhode Island Department of Transportation; and Michael P. Culmo, P.E., Chief Bridge Engineer, CHA Consulting, Inc.

Webinar Documents:
RIDOT’s Glenbridge Avenue Bridge Replacement using Lateral Slide and SPMTs - pdf of presentation
Q&A Session - pdf
News - April 20, 2023 - pdf of presentation

Description: The Rhode Island Department of Transportation is undertaking a major infrastructure rebuilding program titled RhodeWorks. Part of this program involves the replacement of numerous bridges, including the Glenbridge Avenue Bridge. While ABC is a significant part of this rebuilding program, the Glenbridge Avenue Bridge was initially designed and bid with conventional construction details. During preliminary construction, the design was changed to ABC using the lateral slide method. The final design incorporated a hybrid slide system that combined slide rails at the abutments and self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) at the pier to move the two-span continuous girder bridge in October 2022. Multiple precast concrete elements were also used to expedite the construction of the abutments. The presentation covers the reasons for conversion to ABC, the design changes required, and the construction of this successful project. Details and lessons learned are included.



John W. Preiss, P.E., PMP
State Bridge Engineer
Rhode Island Department of Transportation

John began his career with The Maguire Group in 1997 as a consulting engineer. He served eight years as a consultant designing heavy civil highway and bridge projects. John started with the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) in 2005. He has held several positions at RIDOT, including Project Manager, Supervising Bridge Engineer, Asset Manager, and Stormwater Managing Engineer, before becoming RIDOT’s State Bridge Engineer. John has served on the RIDOT’s Specifications Committee, Utilities Committee, SHRP2 Committee, Every Day Counts (EDC) Program, Innovation Coordinator, and Claims Committee.


Michael P. Culmo, P.E.
Chief Bridge Engineer
CHA Consulting, Inc.

Mike is a Bridge Engineer with 39 years of experience in bridge and highway design. He has extensive experience in the design of steel, concrete, and prestressed/precast concrete bridges, and has been responsible for managing design teams on new expressway bridges, highway interchanges, and bridge rehabilitation projects. Mike is the author of numerous national publications and manuals on bridges and was the principal author of the 2018 AASHTO LRFD Guide Specifications for Accelerated Bridge Construction. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a master’s degree in Structural Engineering, both from the University of Connecticut.

Presentation Photos/Graphics:

1) Details of the semi-integral abutment used to facilitate the slide

2) Construction of the new pier beneath the existing bridge (on falsework)

3) Installation of the precast concrete abutment stems

4) Lateral sliding process with slide rails at abutments and SPMTs at the pier


5) Completed bridge