Category: Professors Workshop Session #1-4: Advancing the Practice of Teaching in Civil Engineering

August 20, 2021 1:00 pm

Anthony Battistini, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Angelo State University

Description:  Teaching a class and accelerated bridge construction (ABC) have numerous things in common. To be effective, both require the engineer to preplan the use of innovative ideas in order to produce a favorable outcome. Most engineers recognize that successful ABC projects result from attention to detail in the schedule as well as having a staging area to prepare the bridge components for installation. With millions of dollars on the line, these engineers work diligently to make sure the project stays on course. Unfortunately, engineering educators do not always approach classroom teaching with the same immediacy, despite the millions of dollars at stake from students’ tuition. This session of the workshop provided and modeled numerous ideas and tips for preparing, staging, and delivering an engaging classroom experience.

Presentation #1 pdf:  Advancing Teaching in CE - Presentation
Handout #1:  Advancing Teaching in CE - Handout
Handout #2:  Advancing Teaching in CE - Detailed Schedule



Anthony Battistini, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Angelo State University
Office: 325-486-5511

Dr. Batts is an Assistant Professor in the David L. Hirschfeld Department of Engineering at Angelo State University. His expertise is in structural design, with an emphasis in steel bridge structures and connections. In the classroom, he aspires to provide students with a quality and enjoyable experience. He is actively engaged in improving the quality of education across the country through his participation as an Assistant Mentor in the ASCE ExCEEd Teaching Workshop as well as making classrooms more equitable through his participation as a Facilitator for the ESCALA Certificate in College Teaching and Learning in HSIs. To get more ideas for demonstrations and how to introduce themes to your classes, Batts encourages you to check out his YouTube Channel and his ASEE conference papers.