Category: In Depth Web Training Tennessee DOT’s “Fast Fix 8” Project in Downtown Nashville

October 4, 2016 11:00 am

by Wayne Seger, P.E., Director, Division of Structures, Tennessee DOT; Lia Obaid, P.E., Assistant Director of Construction, Tennessee DOT; Terry Mackie, Project Manager, Jones Bros., Inc.; and Ted Kniazewycz, P.E., F.ASCE, Senior Associate with Gresham, Smith and Partners

The 2016 in-depth web training features the Tennessee DOT’s “Fast Fix 8” project in downtown Nashville, completed in December 2015. The high-profile project rehabilitated four twin bridges and over half a mile of I-40 urban interstate in 10 weekends. The “Fast Fix 8” project incorporates several prefabricated bridge elements and is TDOT’s first use of the Construction Manager / General Contractor (CM/GC) method for project delivery.


Originally built in 1968, the I-40 bridges over Jo Johnston Avenue, Herman Street, Clinton Street, and Charlotte Avenue in downtown Nashville needed immediate attention. Fast Fix 8 was a $62 million bridge rehabilitation project to replace these four twin bridges using Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques. ABC utilizes short-term, total road closures to allow crews the space to do their jobs and the freedom to work around the clock. The closures also allowed construction to be finished in months instead of years. For Fast Fix 8, a portion of the downtown loop was closed to all traffic for 10 weekends between July 2015 and October 2015, during which all work that would have impacted traffic was completed.

Module 1: Introduction 

Wayne Seger

Wayne Seger, P.E.
Division of Structures
Tennessee DOT
Office: 615-741-3351

Mr. Seger is the Director of the Division of Structures in the Tennessee Department of Transportation. He is a graduate of Tennessee Technological University and a registered professional engineer. He has 36 years of experience with TDOT in the Division of Structures beginning in Hydraulic Design and then the Bridge Inspection and Repair side of the Division. For the last five years he has led the Division in the position of Director.

Module 1 Presentation

  • Tennessee DOT’s ABC program of work
  • Overview of 8 bridge replacements in 10 weekends
  • History of project development
  • Project priorities
  • Cost of ABC vs. conventional
  • Post-construction inspection and performance

Module 2: Construction Management / General Contractor (CM/GC) Project Delivery


Lia Obaid, P.E.
Assistant Director of Construction
Tennessee DOT
Office: 615-532-7522
Cell: 615-426-5711

Ms. Obaid is the Assistant Director of Construction in the Tennessee Department of Transportation. She is the leader of the Alternative Contracting Program in Tennessee, and has been in this position for over six years. Her primary role is manager and contract admin for the CM/GC and Design-Build program and projects in Tennessee. Ms. Obaid is also the developer of the CM/GC Program in TN. During the first CM/GC project, Fast Fix 8, she provided oversight and management for the project from RFP phase to the construction completion date. Ms. Obaid is also the contract admin over safety projects in TN. She has over 20 years of experience at TDOT, including more than 14 years of roadway design experience.

Module 2 Presentation

  • Decision to use CM/GC
  • Benefits of CM/GC
  • Contracting strategies, e.g., I/D
  • Overall project timeline / schedule
  • Roles and responsibilities

Module 3: Jo Johnston Avenue Bridge Replacement


Terry Mackie
Project Manager
Jones Bros., Inc.
Cell: 615-473-9683

Mr. Mackie is a project manager with Jones Brothers, Inc. Recently he retired from the Tennessee Department of Transportation where he worked in the Bridge Inspection and Repair Office for Region 3. In that position, he led the development of bridge repair projects in a 37-county area in middle Tennessee. He has 15 years of bridge design experience and 18 years as project manager of bridge repair projects. He was also the lead program manager in the development of accelerated bridge construction projects utilizing a wide variety of construction techniques including precast superstructure units and full depth deck panels.On the Fast Fix 8 Project, he served as TDOT’s ABC Project Manager.

Module 3 Presentation

Module 4: Herman Street Bridge Replacement


Ted Kniazewycz, P.E., F.ASCE
Senior Associate
Gresham, Smith and Partners
Office: 615-770-8470
Cell: 615-642-9121

Mr. Kniazewycz is a Senior Associate at Gresham, Smith and Partners in Nashville, Tennessee. In this role, he manages all design and production work resources for bridge and transportation-related structural projects in GS&P’s Transportation Division offices. He served as the Engineer-of-Record for the Fast Fix 8 project. His professional experience includes new bridge design, bridge inspection services for structural condition and construction projects and development of repair and rehabilitation plans including accelerated bridge construction methodologies. He is active in his community and supports his profession through active participation in technical and professional societies including serving as a Regional Governor for ASCE where he has been recognized as a Fellow and serves as Chair of the Tennessee Engineering Center.

Module 4 Presentation

Module 5: Clinton Street & CSXT Bridge Replacement

by Terry Mackie, Project Manager, Jones Bros., Inc.

Module 5 Presentation

Module 6: Charlotte Avenue Bridge Replacement

by Ted Kniazewycz, P.E., F.ASCE, Senior Associate with Gresham, Smith and Partners

Module 6 Presentation

Presentation Photos/Graphics:


Module 2: The CM/GC process was a new tool for TDOT to utilize in their alternative delivery program. The magnitude, scope and complexity of the Fast Fix 8 project was a perfect match for the CM/GC process which brought together a team from the owner – TDOT, Designer – Gresham, Smith & Partners, and the Contractor – Kiewit Infrastructure South Co. to work together in a collaborative manner to deliver the project with minimal impact to the motoring public.


Module 3, Photo 1: Box beam placement was completed quickly with the required bearing modifications completed prior to the weekend work.


Module 3, Photo 2: Precast end blocks were custom built to fit around the bearing seats and then pinned down to the caps after the beams were installed.


Module 4, Photo 1: Superstructure units were transported to the site by SPMT units and flown into place with two 500-ton cranes.


Module 4, Photo 2: Modifications to the existing end walls were required to allow for the change in cross-slope to improve roadway drainage performance.


Module 5, Photo 1: Cast-in-place and MSE retaining walls were used to eliminate four of the six original spans of the structure over Clinton Street and CSXT railroad.


Module 5, Photo 2: Longitudinal joints to develop continuity with the box beams along with panel-to-panel joints were completed using a specially developed ready-mix product with exceptional performance benchmarks.


Module 6, Photo 1: The Charlotte Avenue bridge was designed within tight tolerances to allow a single span structure with a shallow section depth to be constructed within the footprint of the existing bridge.


Module 6, Photo 2: Approach slabs supported by GRS backfill were installed with the closure pours completed along with the superstructure units.