Jul 05, 2019

October Picked for Iron Branch Bridge Work, Two-week Lane Closure Anticipated

October is Delaware Department of Transportation’s choice for the two-week closure of southbound lanes of US 113 in Millsboro for restoration/rehabilitation of the Iron Branch Bridge, a portion of which is more than a century old. DelDOT representatives updated Millsboro council and town leaders at council’s July 1 meeting on the accelerated bridge project. Mumford & Miller, a Middletown-based construction firm that deals in bridge work, is the contractor for the approximate $1.2 million project.

Mar 25, 2019

Making Bridges safer earns Saiidi an American Society of Civil Engineers award

Saiidi has pioneered, and revolutionized, bridge construction – specifically with the use of innovative materials – to not only make bridges safer, but to make them usable after a major earthquake. For this, the civil engineering professorin the College of Engineering has been honored by the American Society of Civil for his work with the Washington State Department of Transportation in the design.

Feb 19, 2019

How the state will replace a bridge over I-95 in just 2 weeks

The $15 million project, near Exit 9, will utilize Accelerated Bridge Construction techniques, meaning new bridge spans will be built in their entirety, adjacent to the existing bridge (with negligible traffic impacts) and then lifted and moved as one unit into place.

Dec 12, 2018

Connecticut DOT Unveils 5-year, $12B Infrastructure Plan

Another headwind that the program faces is that one of its major champions, James Redeker, the CTDOT commissioner, could be replaced when Connecticut Gov.-elect Ned Lamont takes office in January. Under Redeker, the department completed its first design-build project, the $34.7 million rehabilitation of four bridges along Route 8 in Bridgeport. The department also used the Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) method on the project and was able to reduce construction time from two seasons to 24 days

Dec 06, 2018

Two Down, Two to Go for East Hartford $22M Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Two down, two to go is the progress report for the Connecticut Department of Transportation bridge rehabilitation project that completed the second bridge in East Hartford, Conn., on Oct. 19 and will complete two more next year. The first bridge, on Potter School Road over 1-84 in Willington was completed first, on Aug. 25.