Construction of Three Large-Scale Robots Capable of Constructing UHPC Shell, Repair of Culvert and Automated MFL

Project Information
Link to the Latest: June 2022 Progress Report

Three ongoing ABC projects involve tasks, that demand the development of specialized robots. Within those projects, small scale robots are developed. However, students, do not have the knowledge or capability to develop robots that can print or function at full-scale. Applied Research Center (ARC) at FIU has a division that specializes in development of full-scale and functional robots. Under this project, ARC will assist the graduate students involved in the three ongoing ABC projects to develop full scale, customized robots and allow achieving the objectives of those three projects. The three ongoing ABC projects are related to 3D-printing of UHPC shells, UHPC shotcrete for culvert repair, and accelerated inspection of steel strands using MFL technology. The success of this project will have payoff by assisting the three on-going project which have high potential payoffs.


Construction of three large scale robots for following three Sub-Tasks

a) Printing UHPC Shell

b) Repair of Culverts Using Shotcrete

c) Automated Inspection of Steel Strands using MFL Technology


Task 1 – Development of a large robot for 3D-Printing of UHPC Shells

Task 2– Development of a large robot for shotcrete of culverts

Task 3– Development of robots for automated inspection of steel strands using MFL technology

Task 4– Final Report

Research Team:
Principal Investigator: Anthony Abrahao
Co-Principal Investigator: Atorod Azizinamini
Research Assistant: Ali Javed, Nerma Caluk, Buse Oz, Abbas Khodayari, Willys Chirino (3D-Printing Robot)
Morgan Dickinson, Muhammad Faheem Ud Din Afzal, Muhammad Atif Anwer, Buse Oz (Shotcrete Robot)
Amir Sadeghnejad, Sheharyar-e-Rehmat, Ali Javed, Buse Oz (MFL Robot)

Previous progress reports: