The Next Generation of Transportation Asset Management

Project Information

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Many State DOTs need improved approaches for ensuring that their assets continue to provide the functions for which they were designed, as well as for managing their asset inventory and making optimal decisions, with the limited resources available. The objective of the proposed idea is to conduct a synthesis to understand high level trends, gaps (both nationally and internationally) and ultimately develop user friendly, economical, and comprehensive tools that states could incorporate into their unique TAMPs.


Accumulation of extensive information on the existing approaches (successes, challenges and shortcomings) for individual national, state and international TAMPs, through literature reviews, expert interviews, surveys and workshops.


The proposed project includes several tasks

  • Comprehensive literature review to identify the latest practices in transportation asset
    management systems.
  • Formation of the ad-hoc committee as advisory board.
  • Hold workshops across the US to explore existing best practices in US DOT TAMPs.
  • Conduct visits to at least two of the international leading countries identified in Task 1
  • Develop final report outlining structure and framework for the next generation of TAMP.
  • Develop subsequent phased program and roadmap for completion over the next several

Research Team:
Principal Investigator: Atorod Aziznamini, PhD, P.E.
Co-Principal Investigator: Ankitha Arvan, PhD.