Development of Non-Proprietary UHPC Mix – Application to Deck Panel Joints

Project Information
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One of the most common ABC applications nowadays is the use of precast deck panels and fill the joints in the field using advanced materials such as UHPC. A lot of research has been done on optimizing the field joint reinforcement details such as shortest lap length and shear key shape and dimensions. However, most of the applications used proprietary UHPC mixes, which can sometimes constrain the DOTs bidding process due to lack of several UHPC vendors. In this collaborative effort among all five institutions in the ABC-UTC consortium, comprehensive research on non-proprietary UHPC mix design and extension to common ABC applications is sought.

The objective of UNR scope for this collaborative effort is to finalize the selection of best feasible non-proprietary UHPC mix and demonstrate its validity for the use for precast deck panel transverse and longitudinal joints.

The goal of this project is to optimize and provide confidence in the new non-proprietary UHPC for deck panel joints. This goal will be achieved through 4 main tasks:

  • Task 1 – Updated literature search on precast deck panel connections
  • Task 2 – Development of experimental program and specimens design
  • Task 3 – Experimental testing of deck slabs joints
  • Task 4 – Summarize the results in a final report

Research Team:
Principal Investigator:  Dr. Mohamed Moustafa
Research Assistant:  Mohamed Abokifa/Negar Naeimi

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