Heavy Lift & Transport

(Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs), Lateral Slides, Strand Jacks, High-Capacity Cranes)

  • Partial Listing of U.S. Highway and Rail Bridge Moves with SPMTs
  • Heavy Lift & Transport Contractors
  • ESTA Best Practice Guide for SPMTs
    • In 2016 the European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes (ESTA) published its best practice guide on the use of SPMTs. “It should be noted that the document has been produced and should be read with the view that such a complex subject as the ‘use of SPMT’s’ means it cannot be prescriptive, or offer engineering calculations due to the many complex possibilities for this unique transport method. The objective of this document is to correlate the chain of responsibility for all stakeholders involved with SPMT operations, to recommend best practice and to serve as a ‘baseline starting point’ for the use of SPMT’s from where the more complex transport engineering jobs can then go forward.” quote from Guide’s Preface
    • Comment by Mike Culmo, CME: The guide is developed for moving heavy loads over the road. It has good information applicable to bridge moves; for example:
      1.  Defines different levels of engineers and operators required
      2.  Defines what information is required of the owner in order to execute a move
      3.  Defines assumed stability plane and stroke height for engineering calculations
      4.  Includes checklists of engineering and operation