Education and Workforce Development

All ABC-UTC partners have well-established education and workforce development programs that will be further strengthened through the ABC-UTC. FIU, ISU, and UNR each offer graduate degrees leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in all traditional fields of civil engineering, including transportation engineering, structures engineering, and construction engineering.

Work is developing in the following areas and additional detail will be provided soon.

  • Industry Mentoring and Internship
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Course Content Modules
  • K-12 Resources

Graduate Student Seminar

The ABC-UTC is hosting quarterly Graduate Student Seminars in which recently graduated or soon-to-graduate students present their work on ABC-UTC funded research projects.

Graduate Student Seminar Archives

The ABC-UTC began its Graduate Student Seminar series in January 2016 to highlight the work of its graduate students in ABC-UTC research projects. These archives document the seminars.

College Resources

One of the ABC-UTC’s workforce development initiatives is to provide course modules for college students to become familiar with the various aspects of Accelerated Bridge Construction.

  • ABC Seismic Course Modules
  • ISU’s Tom Maze Transportation Seminar:  Read more…

K-12 Resources

One of the ABC-UTC’s workforce development initiatives is to provide opportunities for K-12 students to become familiar with Accelerated Bridge Construction. Several Resources are available.

Opportunities for Middle School and High School Students:

  • ISU’s Go! E-zine provides articles on ABC for teens. Read more…
  • ISU’s participation in the AASHTO TRAC Program was initiated in 2015. Read more…

Opportunities for High School Students:

  • ISU’s Young Engineers and Scientists (YES) Program was initiated in summer 2015.  Read more…
  • FIU’s Summer Transportation Camp was initiated in summer 2015. Read more…