TRB ABC Joint Subcommittee

NOTE: The ABC Joint Subcommittee is sunset, effective June 25, 2022. Click to see details.

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) ABC Joint Subcommittee functions jointly under the Bridges and Structures Section (AKB00) and Construction Section (AKC00) under the Highway Infrastructure Group (AK000).

TRB ABC Joint Subcommittee Website

For more information, contact: Mary Lou Ralls Newman, TRB ABC Joint Subcommittee Chair:

All are welcome to attend ABC Joint Subcommittee meetings during TRB Annual Meetings. If interested in participating in Subcommittee activities and receiving Subcommittee communications, please let the Chair know that you’d like to be a “Friend” of the Subcommittee.

The Subcommittee evaluates ABC research ideas for further consideration and development into Research Needs Statements. Please submit your ideas to the Chair. Also, if you know of any ABC-related research projects (completed, ongoing, or proposed) that are not currently posted in the ABC Research Database, please feel free to submit them. The goal of the database is to help identify ABC research gaps and avoid ABC research duplication.