TRB ABC Joint Subcommittee

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) ABC Joint Subcommittee functions under the TRB AFF00 Structures Section and AFH00 Construction Section.



The ABC Joint Subcommittee membership includes representation from the following TRB committees:

  • AFF10, General Structures
  • AFF20, Steel Bridges
  • AFF30, Concrete Bridges
  • AFF50, Seismic Design and Performance of Bridges
  • AFH40, Construction of Bridges and Structures
  • AHD30, Structures Maintenance
  • AHD35, Bridge Management

All are welcome to attend ABC Subcommittee meetings during the TRB Annual Meeting. Of its many activities, the Subcommittee maintains and posts an ABC Research Tracking Spreadsheet that provides the status and deliverables of approximately 100 related research projects that are either completed, under development, or proposed. The Subcommittee also evaluates Research Topic Ideas for further consideration of developing an idea into a formal Research Needs Proposal. If you know of any ABC-related research projects that should be included in the Subcommittee’s spreadsheet, or have a Research Topic Idea that you would like to submit for further review, please contact Chair Ben Beerman.

TRB ABC Subcommittee website:

  • Information posted from previous TRB Annual Meeting activities can be viewed by selecting the desired year from the “Annual Meetings” tab.
  • You can download the National ABC Research tracking spreadsheet (Project Tracker) under the “Research Projects” tab. The spreadsheet includes over a hundred research projects related to ABC topics.
  • If you know of a completed or ongoing research project that should be included in the National ABC Research tracking spreadsheet, or if you have a new research idea or would like to sponsor a project, you can send your information to the “ABC Research Topic” link under the “Research Projects” tab.
  • To receive updates on the Subcommittee’s activities, you can sign up as a “Subcommittee Friend” by filling out the form located under the “Registration” tab.

For more information, contact: Ben Beerman, TRB ABC Subcommittee Chair: