A focus of the ABC-UTC is transfer of the latest ABC knowledge to bridge owners and other bridge professionals. Links on the left menu provide extensive information:

  • Monthly Webinar. The ABC-UTC is continuing the free monthly webinars that the ABC Center at Florida International University first hosted in early 2011.
  • Webinar Archives. Recordings and pdfs of featured presentations since 2011 are available.
  • Research Seminars. Begun in January 2016, the web-based quarterly Research Seminars highlight ABC-UTC research products and the graduate students’ contributions to the research projects on which they worked.
  • Research Seminar Archives. Recordings, presentation pdfs, and Q&A session pdfs are available.
  • In-Depth Web Training. A program of in-depth web training was initiated in 2014 to provide more detailed coverage of select projects and topics related to ABC.
  • In-Depth Web Training Archives. Recordings and pdfs of modules are available.
  • Conference Archives. The ABC-UTC hosted its first National ABC Conference in 2014. Conferences include pre-conference workshops followed by strong programs of technical presentations. Various information is provided in conference archives.
  • Continuing Education Courses. The ABC-UTC short courses provide the bridge community with the opportunity to learn more about various aspects of ABC.
  • Project & Research Databases. The ABC-UTC is working in cooperation with FHWA, bridge owners, and other bridge professionals to accumulate available completed construction projects in which ABC technologies are used and research projects in which ABC technologies have been investigated.

Other Technology Transfer Resources:

History of ABC Implementation in the U.S.
ABC implementation in the U.S. has been significantly advanced due to the leadership of state DOTs in partnership with the Transportation Research Board, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, the Federal Highway Administration, and academic and industry partners. A paper on the history of those collaborative efforts was presented at the ABC-UTC’s first National ABC Conference in 2014. Click here to read the updated paper.