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1st-Cycle Projects (2016-grant)

  • Development Of Guide For Selection Of Substructure For ABC Projects:  The primary objective of this project is to provide guidelines for decision making by the designers and bridge owners for the selection of substructure and foundation for new bridges and replacement of existing bridges using ABC methods. This is a joint project between FIU and OU, with OU focusing on foundation and FIU on remaining.
  • Envisioning Connection Detail for Connecting Concrete Filled Tube (CFT) Columns to Cap Beam for High Speed Rail Application:  The main objective of the project is to develop sufficient amount of data and proof of concept test, for system(s) that could be used to connect the cap beam and pile cap beam to CFT columns in ABC projects. This is a joint project between FIU and UW.
  • Field Demonstration-Instrumentation and monitoring of Accelerated Repair Using UHPC Shell:  The main objective of this project is to select an existing in-service bridge with damaged column element, retrofit it using UHPC shell, using cast in place technique, instrument it and monitor it to identify deterioration of the repair and substrate material as well as development of corrosion of steel within the column.
  • Innovative Foundation Alternative for High Speed Rail Application:  The objectives of this project include; development and validation of innovative foundation systems for HSR applications, detailed finite element modeling; and NL FE analysis to investigate the seismic response of HSR bridges with innovative foundations. This is a joint project between FIU and UNR, with FIU focusing on the component modeling and UNR on incorporation into the bridge system.

3rd-Cycle Projects (2013-grant)

1st-Cycle Projects (2013-grant)

Completed Projects

2nd-Cycle Projects (2013-grant)

1st-Cycle Projects (2013-grant)