High-Resolution Approach for Hurricane Risk and Resilience Analysis for Miami-Dade County

Project Information
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Hurricane-induced damage is complex such that each hurricane-induced hazard cause different loadings on buildings and infrastructure. There have been multiple studies in the literature investigating the impact of one or a combination of these hazards on the built environment. However, the uncertainties in damage quantification within the used approaches are not well addressed specifically the combined impacts of storm surge, waves, and wind. Therefore, in the proposed project, convolutional fragility-based vulnerability functions will be used to quantify the total damage and losses induced by hurricanes.

In this research project, building-level multi-hazard hurricane risk analysis will be developed for Miami-Dade County. The state-of-the-art high-resolution approach will be used for hazard, exposure, and vulnerability modeling (Nofal et al. 2021). The final outputs will be in terms of loss ratios and damage estimates corresponding to specific hurricane scenarios.

Research Team:
Principal Investigator: Omar Nofal