Category: Graduate Student Seminar Insights into the Pull-Off Strength of Polymer Concrete and the Effect of Nanomodification

April 26, 2024 1:00 pm

Ali Akbarpour, Ph.D. Student; and Shreya Vemuganti, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Principal Investigator of Oklahoma University present work related to pull-off strength of polymer concrete and the effects of nanomodification.

Presentation Slides:  Seminar Presentation Slides April 2024

Description: Polymer concrete is a suitable system for accelerated bridge construction and repair due to their high tensile capacity, rapid cure, high bond strength, light weight, and small thickness. This study investigates the effect of nanomodification with carbon nanotubes on the pull-off strength of Methyl Methacrylate based polymer concrete in accordance with ASTM C1583. Pristine and functionalized carbon nanotubes with carboxyl and ammonia groups have been used in less than 1.5 wt.% amounts to the polymer resin. The study extends to evaluating the bond strength performance with a deteriorated concrete substrate subjected to sulphate exposure. Microscopic investigations were conducted to support the results observed in the pull-off tests.


Ali Akbarpour, Ph.D. student
School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science
University of Oklahoma

Ali Akbarpour is a PhD student and graduate research assistant in the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science, University of Oklahoma from Fall 2022. His primary research focus is on repair and rehabilitation strategies for aging infrastructure using non-metallic materials including fiber reinforced polymer composites and polymer concretes. improving the characteristics of polymer concrete using carbon nanotubes.

Shreya Vemuganti, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science
University of Oklahoma

Dr. Shreya Vemuganti is an Assistant Professor in the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science at the University of Oklahoma. She received a PhD from the University of New Mexico in 2021 with an outstanding graduate award.  Her research focus includes developing innovative and applicable solutions for aging infrastructure with nano synthesized polymers, 3D printed designs, fiber reinforced polymer composites and nondestructive evaluation.

Presentation Graphics:

Carbon nanotube dispersion stages: magnetic stirring, ultrasonic

Core drilling using universal drilling machine and steel loading devices attached to drilled cores

Neat polymer concrete overall pull off text

Microscopic analysis showing pore structure in COOH and Nh3 modified nanomodified PC overlays

Specimens being exposed to sulfate environments, (a) after 28 days, (b) after 210 days