Accelerated Retrofit of Bridge Columns using UHPC Shell

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The degradation rate of marine piles is affected by a variety of factors such as cracking and spalling of concrete due to the harsh environment, loss of reinforcement, and lack of confinement in concrete due to corrosion. As a result, the structural integrity and load-carrying capacity, unusually columnar supporting of such structures, will reduce drastically.
Such undesired phenomenon requires the development of new techniques and materials to restore the deficient structure in a timely manner. The rehabilitation process should increase the service level and achieve a longer life expectancy of the structure.
The advent of new concrete compounds, such as UHPC, provides the potential to improve both durability and resistance of the retrofitted structure. The properties of UHPC make it a suitable choice as the repair material for retrofitting the damaged body of the marine piles, and application of UHPC could provide an efficient solution to address the pressing issue of bridge rehabilitation. However, there have been very limited studies investigating the feasibility of using this material to repair concrete columns.

This research aims to investigate the performance of UHPC as retrofit material for damaged bridge columns.

The project first involves searching the literature to identify areas where UHPC will significantly facilitate the repair process.
an experimental study is designed to evaluate the mechanical performance of the repaired columns under a combination of static axial and cyclic lateral loads (to simulate operational conditions). The development of a new system will also involve a parametric study using a calibrated non-linear finite element analysis.

Research Team
Principal Investigator (PI): Atorod Azizinamini
Research Assistants: Mahsa Farzad, Ph.D. candidate