Dr. Mohammed Hadi, P.E.

Dr. Mohammed Hadi, P.E.Dr. Mohammed Hadi, P.E.
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Florida, 1990
Transportation Engineering
P: (305) 348-0092
E: hadim@fiu.edu

Dr. Hadi, an associate professor at FIU, has about 30 years of experience in transportation engineering (10 years in the private sector and the rest in academic and research institutions). His experience has been in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), performance measurements, benefit-cost analysis, data archiving and mining, transportation planning, and traffic operations.

In the past 5 years, Dr. Hadi has been the principal investigator on FDOT, USDOT, and SHRP 2 projects with a total budget of more than $2.5 Million dollars. These projects have resulted in the development of several tools for data capture; archiving and analysis; performance measurement; advanced strategy benefit analysis; decision support system development; and traffic modeling.

Dr. Hadi is a member and the research coordinator of the TRB Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics Committee and the TRB Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee. He is also the chair of ITS America Research and Benefit-Cost Committees. He is the chair of the TRB Joint Simulation subcommittee research task group, and a member of ITS Florida Board of Directors.