Category: Monthly Webinar 2012 Domestic Scan on ABC Connections Findings & Recommendations

June 14, 2012 1:00 pm

by Alexander Bardow, P.E., Director of Bridges and Structures, MassDOT

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This presentation provides an overview of the recently completed ABC Domestic Scan 11-02, “Best Practices Regarding Performance of ABC Connections in Bridges Subjected To Multi-Hazard and Extreme Events,” conducted as part of the NCHRP Project 20-68A, “U.S. Domestic Scan Program” for the National Academies. The purpose of the scan was to identify domestically-used ABC connection details that perform well under extreme event loading such as those experienced by bridges subjected to waves and tidal or storm-surges, seismic events, and other large lateral forces. On the east coast the scan team visited MassDOT and the Florida DOT, and also had web meetings with the Texas DOT, MCEER at SUNY Buffalo, and the South Carolina DOT. On the west coast the team visited the Washington State DOT and the Nevada DOT, with Nevada and California DOT jointly coordinating activities. Findings and recommendations are discussed.