Category: Monthly Webinar Accelerated Bridge Construction in New York State

October 20, 2016 1:00 pm

by Richard Marchione, P.E., Deputy Chief Engineer - Structures, NYSDOT; Mathew Royce, P.E., Director, Structures Design Quality Assurance Bureau, NYSDOT; and John Neidhart, P.E., Supervisor, Bridge Foundation and Construction Support Unit, Office of Structures, NYSDOT

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Description: NYSDOT has been increasing the implementation of ABC as part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Drivers First initiative. The Department has completed over 40 bridge projects using ABC in the recent past. This presentation will cover various ABC technologies developed and implemented during the past four to five years. These technologies include the use of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) as well as rapid set concrete for connecting prefabricated elements such as deck panels, deck bulb-tees, prefabricated modular deck beams, North East Extreme Tees, prestressed concrete slab units and precast concrete cap beams. Types of projects covered include single-span deck replacements using weekend closures, deck replacement of viaducts using multiple nightly closures, and large viaduct deck replacements such as the Major Deegan Expressway in New York City using staged construction. The presentation will include an in-depth look at the design, construction details and lessons learned from the construction of precast concrete decks with UHPC joints used for the two 6-span bridges carrying I-84 over the Delaware and Neversink Rivers.


Precast deck panel with exposed aggregate at the joint interfaces and block outs at the bottom for the composite connection to steel girders. [I-84 over the Delaware and Neversink Rivers]


Precast deck panel placement operation in progress. [I-84 over the Delaware and Neversink Rivers]


View of the portion of the deck at the completion of panel placement. [I-84 over the Delaware and Neversink Rivers]


View of the deck after the UHPC joints have been placed and cured and the deck surface has been diamond ground. This is the final riding surface, no overlay is needed. [I-84 over the Delaware and Neversink Rivers]