Category: Monthly Webinar Boeing North Bridge in Washington State

May 21, 2015 1:00 pm

by Gregory A. Banks, P.E., Project Engineer, BergerABAM.

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Description: The Boeing Company is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems. Why would this American multinational corporation use ABC to replace a bridge? Such companies have a tradition of leadership and innovation and depend on profits to sustain their operations, and they are learning that ABC can help them achieve their goals. This presentation features the Boeing North Bridge in Renton, Washington. The bridge, originally constructed in 1940 and lengthened in 1969, was recently replaced with a three-span, 245-ft-long prefabricated bridge. The new bridge consists of steel girders, full-depth precast deck panels with ultra-high-performance concrete closure joints, and seismic-resisting precast concrete cap-and-column supports. The presentation discusses the project’s construction and environmental constraints, and the design and construction details that were used to achieve project success.

 Stage 1 precast
The Stage 1 precast portion of the intermediate pier crossbeams being set into place over the precast columns. The intermediate piers were constructed during the second fish work window (Summer 2014) within the wetted perimeter of the Cedar River. Use of the precast components helped accelerate the schedule and allow all the required work to be completed within the allotted work window.

 Prestressed full depth precast deck
The concentrically prestressed full depth precast deck panels being erected on top of the steel plate girders. The panels contained hidden pocket connections centered over the top flange of the steel plate girders that were filled with ultra-high performance concrete to develop the composite action between the panels and the steel plate girders under live loads.

 Completed Boeing North Bridge
The completed Boeing North Bridge in service. Prefabricated bridge elements were utilized to accelerate bridge construction to meet Boeing’s planned increase in production schedule. The bridge allows transport of aircraft from the Boeing Company across the Cedar River to the Renton Municipal Airport whereby they undergo final flight inspections before being turned-over to their Owner.