Category: Monthly Webinar Connecticut DOT’s ABC Decision Process Methodology

December 13, 2018 1:00 pm

Timothy D. Fields, P.E., Transportation Principal Engineer, Connecticut Department of Transportation; Ashley Heredia, Transportation Engineer II, CTDOT; and Q&A panel members Rabih Barakat, P.E., Principal Engineer, Consultant Liaison Design, CTDOT and Mary Baker, P.E., Principal Engineer, State Bridge Design, CTDOT (all speakers are in the Division of Bridges within the Bureau of Engineering and Construction)

 Webinar Documents:
Connecticut DOT’s ABC Decision Process Methodology - pdf of presentation
Link to ABC Decision Matrix
Q&A Session - pdf
News - December 13, 2018 - pdf of presentation

Description: The Connecticut DOT (CTDOT) developed its own ABC decision process methodology to assess the viability of ABC technologies during the preliminary design phase of projects involving the replacement of bridge decks, superstructure spans, or entire bridges. The ABC Decision Matrix has been adopted as a bridge design standard practice in Connecticut. The methodology determines the effect of ABC on the overall cost of the bridge, with overall cost including bid price, the cost of managing the project (construction engineering and inspection costs), and road user impacts. Preliminary road user impacts are assessed by estimating and comparing the road user delay time for conventional construction to a proposed ABC construction methodology. CTDOT has implemented this evaluation matrix on over thirty projects to date. This presentation describes CTDOT’s ABC decision process methodology and its use in the development of project 103-265, replacement of Bridge 02589 carrying Route 97 over Cold Brook in Norwich, CT in which ABC was determined to be the best alternative. Advance information on the ABC decision matrix can be found on CTDOT’s website using the following link:

Presentation Photos/Graphics:

1)    Base ABC Decision Matrix shown for Project No. 103-265 replacement of Bridge No. 2589

2)    ABC Rating Table extracted from ABC Decision Matrix in Figure 1) provides project specific ABC recommendation

3)    Project No. 103-265 - replacement of Bridge No. 02589 decision to use ABC methodology for bridge replacement based on ABC Decision Matrix rating of 64 – Use ABC