Category: Monthly Webinar Economical Details over Piers Using Simple-for-Dead-Load & Continuous-for-Live-Load Design – Part 2: ABC Steel Girder Bridges

November 7, 2012 1:00 pm

by Dr. Atorod Azizinamini P.E., Chair, CEE Dept of FIU.

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Simple-for-dead-load and continuous-for-live-load (SDCL) design details at intermediate piers in ABC bridges should provide good long-term performance, be as simple as possible, and be economical. Various details have been used to connect steel girders over the pier using the SDCL system, with economy greatly influenced by those details. Some of the details reflect results of recent research studies and some do not. Recent research results and case studies show that very simple details can be used to apply SDCL in ABC applications. This presentation provided a description of simple SDCL details in ABC steel girder bridges, with supporting research data. This is the second presentation in this series and the first of two presentations on the use of SDCL in ABC steel girder bridges. Next month’s presentation then focused on ABC field applications, construction issues, and in-service performance of typical and simplified SDCL details.