Category: Monthly Webinar Precast Substructures, Part 1 – Comparison of Non-seismic and Seismic Connection Details

May 15, 2014 1:00 pm

by M. Lee Marsh Ph.D., P.E., Principal and Seismic Specialist, BergerABAM.

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Description: A precast substructure may consist of multiple columns with a cap or a single pier. Precast caps may be installed on precast or cast-in-place columns and foundations. Regardless, superstructure-to-cap, cap-to-column, and column-to-footing connection details must effectively resist applied loads to achieve good long-term performance. But just how do these connection details differ for non-seismic versus seismic loading? And how can performance-based design be included in the mix? This presentation will provide an overview of the differences in design requirements and details for connections in non-seismic and seismic regions.