Ohio’s Muskingum County Bridge Replacement with SPS Deck on Press-Brake-Formed Steel Tub Girders

September 21, 2017 1:00 pm

Douglas Davis, P.E., County Engineer, Muskingum County, Ohio; Rolando Moreau, Bridge Lead, Intelligent Engineering; and Dave Cox, Plant Manager, Maico Industries, Inc.

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Featured Presentation: Ohio’s Muskingum County Bridge Replacement with SPS Deck on Press-Brake-Formed Steel Tub Girder

Description: The Cannelville Road Bridge in the village of Roseville in Muskingum County, Ohio is the first bridge in the U.S. with modular decked beams consisting of Sandwich Plate System (SPS) deck panels on Press-Brake-Formed Steel Tub Girders. In May 2017 the 52.5-ft-long and 24-ft-wide single-span bridge replaced the existing deteriorated bridge in 26 days, ahead of the 30-day maximum allowed closure. Each of the two modular decked beam units weighed 31 tons and had two galvanized Press-Brake-Formed Steel Tub Girders with spray metallized Sandwich Plate System (SPS) deck panels, complete with bridge railing, for a projected 100-year service life. The half-width modules were erected in 20 minutes and bolted together in one day, followed by application of the waterproof membrane and asphalt overlay. A conventional superstructure would have required 3-4 weeks of onsite construction. Advantages of this innovative superstructure include prefabrication and weight savings that allowed the rapid onsite installation, and reduced section depth due to the thin SPS decks and structurally efficient girder cross section. The project was funded with a 2016 FHWA Accelerated Innovation Deployment (AID) grant award and was delivered by Muskingum County in partnership with the Ohio Department of Transportation and FHWA. This presentation includes design and construction details as well as lessons learned.

Presentation Photos/Graphics:

1) Factory assembly of modular decked beams with SPS deck and steel tub girders

2) Underside of modular decked beams

3) Second modular decked beams placed in 10 minutes

4) Completed bridge replacement in 26 days

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